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A World-First Fully Transparent Moka Coffee

MASK Architects has designed a World-first full transparent Moka for classic Italian dolce vita coffee lovers. Originally the Moka was made from unwraps that would hide the process of the coffee being brewed by the passing of boiling water pressurized by steam through the ground coffee. 

MASK Architects have come up with a new World first full transparent Moka. Danilo Petta and Öznur Pınar Çer have been inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier, a Classique perfume bottle named Classique (originally JPGaultier Eau de Parfum) that is a women's fragrance created by Jacques Cavallier for Jean Paul Gaultier in 1993. 

MASK Architects' new design is intended to retain the familiarity of the Moka pot while allowing more room for a spout, and modernizing the shape in an aesthetically elegant and functional way. The aim is to design a fully transparent Moka pot for the consumers to see all of the reactions and processes of the coffee without opening the cap. With this idea, we have solved many initial problems with user experience. Intended for the user to interact and experience the elegant sheen and sleek design of the new Moka top design combining aesthetics and functionality together. 

Beyond the cultural significance and importance of Italian coffee culture, the Moka Express has become ubiquitously known for its sleek, octagonal design. MASK Architects has transformed classic Moka design ideas into a new generation of Moka designs with smooth curved exterior shapes.

To celebrate the pioneer of packaging/perfume bottles in terms of shapes and design that revolutionized the market since 1993, we worked on a design and functional shape reinterpretation of the woman's body that introduces a completely transparent Moka pot for the first time in the world. With the combination of a coffee maker and a perfume bottle, we have created a design that is possibly a great combination that interstates luxury, elegance, and classy designs into a coffee maker that puts together modern and classic designs. 

Taking inspiration from the perfume bottles, we have used the colors and materials to be more inviting to the eye in a luxury mood to prepare the classic Italian coffee, instead of the classic Moka looking like a normal industrial piece of kitchenware, we have now changed that perception and turned the coffee maker into a piece of art too. It is beautiful to have around and amazing to look at. 

The curves signify the smooth blends of the coffee that it produces, no more straight edges, we wanted to create a smooth blend to the eye to already make the consumer feel soft and smooth about this product. With the soft tones of the product color, it is welcoming and warm. No more bulky metal Moka pot, this new design set is able to sit anywhere and look good. A piece of art to be admired. Functional and usable, luxury and elegant, the Moka pot inspired by the chick female perfume bottle is a treat to the eye. 

The challenge we had was to find a glass that could withstand the pressure between 9 and 12 Bar. The technical borosilicate tempered glass for pharmaceutical industries and biochemical reactors is the solution, milling from the "solid", this technical material equipped with specific gaskets is commonly used and ISO certified to withstand pressures higher than 15 BAR, drinking a coffee with a completely transparent Moka and in complete safety and with touches of luxury. We have combined luxury and safety with functionality with this product for the consumer to enjoy. 

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Status: Built
Location: Italy, NY, US
Firm Role: Architecture and Design Firm