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"Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture" is the first spiral interactive movement and rotated lattice loop structure in the world which has filled rotatable kinetic art panels.

"Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture" is the first spiral interactive movement and rotated lattice loop structure in the world which has filled  rotatable kinetic art panels.Mask Architects developed a proposal for a public artwork to be located in Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City " Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture" has been selected one of 5 finalists among  340 international projects and Artist for MassivArt and MIRA  investment and real estate development company in Mexico.

 Collaborator companies are BREAKNYC , MX3D Metal Printing Company and Arup Engineering companies and designed by Öznur Pınar ÇER, Danilo PETTA " Hole Zero + Timeless Kinetic Art Sculpture" is the first spiral interactive movement and rotated lattice loop structure in the world which has filled easily controlled rotatable kinetic art panels by human movements where human are interactive and environmental data according to the location of the structure on the site. Inspired by spacetime curving/bending which is uninterrupted curvature loop structure will be representing sustainability, environmentally innovation, technology, urban wellness and sense of belonging powered by sun direction and also human movements in a day and night while the panels are controlled digitally with own programs which are Arduino electronic card and system. Called Alive Structure in a day and night by art installations and human interactions is also reflects the powerful stance on the plaza and represent bravery as a Mask Architects mission.
The Story of the Behind of sculpture is representing the real black hole, " Spacetime Curve Bending as an uninterrupted on circle way and 4d dimension in space ".The curvature created in ‘SPACE and TIME’ has such an extreme spiral loop around a structure that beyond a certain point symbolises an infinite loop on space and existing timeless. The curvature of the form is inspired from ‘Spacetime Curving’ which represents the ‘Time-Space-Existing’ in a timeless Architectural spatial curvature form, uninterrupted-curve revolved around the form that takes a shape with the lattice steel main structure. Time is the path where the users can experience all spatialities of the black hole that would be either inner and outer space. Space which is meant by the main loop structure ‘black hole’. Existing which is meant for human and environmental movements and how it uses and experiences structure and art installation ın timeless. 

Each of the visitors represents ‘time changing in timeless’ while walking on through the path around ‘black hole.’ Time depends on the visitors' speed such as ‘the speed of lights in space’ and Einstein’s theory of gravity. The spiral lattice structure which is in the form of a continuous loop ensures the formation of the main form with an uninterrupted flow. This uninterrupted and successive, endless form is a representative state of a black hole found in architecture. 
  Users can take an imaginary trip within a black hole, play with our intergalactic adventures kinetic installation structures and be the first to explore a black hole. With its interactive structure which draws from the movements of those visitors who pass in and by the pavilion, notice that their attention will be stuck with the structure that invites visitors to perceive the whole ´black hole´ experience. 
People will see our immersive structure from any point in the square and also from the buildings according to the placement of the structure. Through the day and night, users will be able to interact with our structure with kinetic lighting installation and modular movements. The kinetic lighting will be a representation and sense of being in space. The concept of timeless emotions and the never-ending of time should be realised by us on a more human understanding. The concept of moving through space is something not experienced, yet we want everyone to experience it. The movement of the lights with the structure and panels will create a futuristic art installation to celebrate human innovations and the progress in science, technology and lifestyle. They will also feel that it's new hope for the future. It also represents future emotions and a new prospect. While the human looks at our design structure, they feel that it's the future, it's new hope for the future. Humankind is struggling with many world problems, it will be new hope for them. It is timeless and a surprise!

The alive structure is moved through up to 1 meters to protect the landscape design of the plaza area which has designed floor tiles. The placement of the art piece installation will be placed directed towards the angled East to Westside to collect solar energy with the rotation of the modules movements and provide welcoming such as it may embrace the users. With this position of the structure, everyone will be provided connection interaction with our alive structure.
Structured main body with lattice steel elements filled with rectangular kinetic modules. Each of the rectangular kinetic modules will provide rotation around themselves from its pivot points which are located on its own at the left and right side of the loop structure on a spiral lattice loop structure. The total height of the structure is 750 cm, the total depth is also 450 cm, middle wideness is 650 cm. The main spiral lattice loop structure has inner and outer surface materialised with different options which are stainless steel-painted aluminium and solar panels. The Inner colour has ‘black dark-glassy solar panels’ while the outer facade of the ‘Rectangular bricks pieces’ coloured with mirrored Stainless Steel-painted aluminium. Both colours of the materials move together to create mesmerising visualisations. Covered by mirror stainless steel metal and solar panel materials 1300  panels will be optimized by sun direction and movements. Each panel will respond and rotate according to the sun movement. At the same time, 1300 panels will also collect the electricity to provide the general requirements of the site. These panels rotate from its centre pivot point throughout the day in response to the sun’s movement, which will also be programmable and adaptable for non-predictive conditions. The system corresponds to the required environmental conditions by maintaining sustainability and high technology advance usability and also provides a livable structure instead of the unusable structure.

Lighting installation and design will have fluent uninterrupted loop effects on the edge of the main structure such as black hole animation effects. The edge of the rotated lattice loop structure has the aluminium led profile to provide lighting with led strip elements. Through the Uninterrupted flow of light effects, there will be a realistic black hole light animation in night and day. This lighting installation is provided for the wondering emotions of the people, which brings them around the structure and helps them to enjoy it. The interactive lights installation and animation will provide a larger set of cultural destinations.  

Architecture Firm: MASK ARCHITECTS
Project Name: " Hole Zero + Timeless  "
Lead Design Architects: Öznur Pınar ÇER, Danilo PETTA  
Team Members: Öznur Pınar ÇER, Danilo PETTA, Derya GENC, Sarje Nagda 
Render and Animation Studio: Genc Design Studio by Derya GENC
Clients: MIRA and Massiv Art
Engineering: Arup Group; Erkan Sahin
3D Printing Company: MX3D and ARUP
Kinetic Installation Company: BREAKFAST
Consultants: MIRA
Gross Built Area: 150 m2
Project Location: Mexico City, Neuchâtel’s Cuadrante Polanco
Budget: 6.000.000 MXN

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Mexico, MX
Firm Role: Architecture Firm

Hole Zero + Timeless Alive Art Sculpture