Troy, NY


Brass Residence

The Brass Residence is a three bedroom, 2,300 square foot lake house that is perched on a narrow sloping site overlooking Burden Lake.  We had three design goals:  work harmoniously with the existing site features; take advantage of the picturesque nature of the context; and accommodate a growing family. 

The house is situated in the middle of the site, framed on either side by nature rock outcroppings, lush vegetation and tall trees.  This placement takes advantage of the existing stone site walls, located between the lake and the house, and acts as a base for the new structure. Upon entering the property from high above the lake, the view is revealed incrementally as one walks along the bridge leading to the fully glazed 2nd level entry.  Inside, the view becomes fully appreciated through an uninterruped wall of glass facing the lake.

The bridge is an important element as a division between the public and private sides of the house and as a unifying element between the two predominate gable roofs.  This house, above all prioritizes the experiential quality of interior space with reverence for the lake.

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Status: Built
Location: Averill Park, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect