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Summer Estate, Southampton, NY

Maintaining their own identity, each of the three auxiliary structures are built in the 35 acres property located in Southampton: The Recreation Pavilion, the Cottage or Guest House and the Gym/Garage. Those three structures share the same conceptual vocabulary; placement and selection of materials on one hand and the relationship among them.  Their relation with the environment and the existing main house directed the overall design.

The symmetrical structure of the Recreation Pavilion located on the east side of the property is centered with the existing reflecting pool.

The exterior cedar walls wrap around to the interior walls of the Pavilion and extend to the kitchen and bathroom which are the only separate rooms contained in the structure.  The main recreation room opens completely to the pool in summer. All the windows move back to two enclosed storage spaces located at each side.

Cottage and garage/gym stand close to each other and face to the existing main house. The triangle created by three structures emphasizes a focal point of the property, three-hundred-year-old oak located at the center. Both structures are also in cedar as the Pavilion and compliment with recessed windows. More traditional volume of the cottage balances with the cantilevered volume of the gym.

Client: Leading Industry Fashion Designer, CEO & Creator of International Label,
131 Edge of the Woods
Southampton, NY


Team: Lighting designer: Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design, Inc.
           Structural engineer: Structural Engineering Technologies P.C.: 
                                           George Cambourakis
           General Contractor: John Hummel Custom Builders
Photo: Stephen Baker

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Status: Built
Location: Southampton, NY, US