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at architects

New York, NY



In 2007, at architects transformed a two story Nolita night club into a design studio with a private residence above. The conceptual idea for the ground floor was to define a container within a container; the modularity of each one became the paradox of the design. The notion of a private and a public space was determined by the use of two different materials on each container. The public space (showroom) employs the existing concrete slab as its material, extending through the walls and the ceiling. The private space (studio) uses ecological particle board that wraps the container in its entirety. Two mobile walls sixteen feet high subdivide the space allowing total fluidity and flexibility for the client.

The facade was entirely conceived using reclaimed metal siding and antique timber from The New Jersey Barn Company in Princeton, New Jersey. Based on the selection and availability of these materials, an actual layout was developed, accommodating changes in the design and construction of the facade.

Client:  designer/artist
men’s jewelry, men and women’s clothing, furniture
223 Mulberry Street
New York, NY


Team:  Structural engineer: Structural Engineering
           Technologies P.C.: George Cambourakis
           General Contractor: John Hummel Custom Builders
Photos: at architects

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Status: Built
Location: 223 Mulberry Street, New York