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INSTEM Campus - Institute for Stem Cell Biology and regenerative medicine

Stem cell technology promises a vision that, while based in Nature, seeks to improve man’s ability to adapt to his own needs. Simultaneously, this campus and its research facilities seek to respond to the local given’s of nature as they exist on its site, and to create a built environment that will both respect these and humanize these. Every attempt has been made to create an environmentally-friendly (and environmentally -savvy) habitat. We hope that researchers will look up from their microscopes and see in their surroundings a microcosm responsive to Nature-not just with the views of the surrounding arboretums, but also of the photovoltaic panels that clad  their very laboratories and the terraced gardens of the buildings within which they will be working and learning. Everything, in this plan, is meant to COHERE: Man and Nature, Art and Science, Origin and Progress, City and Cupa.


To facilitate easy access and movement across the campus, it is proposed that there be four entries, one in each cardinal direction. 

The Eastern Entry Court already exists and serves the NCBS buildings. A Western Entry Court is proposed to allow for easy access to the Residential Quarter.

The Proposed Northern entry court enhances the existing entry to the C-Camp Building and ties in to a new proposed Southern Entry Court through the proposed Recreational spine. 

The Southern Entry Court and the Eastern Entry Court are strategically placed to take advantage of the future Yeshwantpur-Yelahanka link road that will connect to Bellary Road.


In addition to the Central Campus Quad, each quarter will have its own open space strategy. This will be centered around the three spines that serves the role of an active public street

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Hyderabad, IN