Studio T-Square

Studio T-Square

Oakland, CA



Located in Wenchang as part of Tongguling Development, the 52,000 sqm site has been designed to be a regional hub, serving multiple communities in this area.

The design establishes a clear and active program of functions which includes a museum of local art & culture, a hotel, entertainment center, and various kinds of shops & restaurants. Hotel and entertainment center take advantage of the site topography, which helps the design to create maximized mountain and ocean views. In response to the existing green network, a south-north main street is proposed, with restaurants and shops radiate along the path - a street oriented linear hub that connects green anchor is created. Several secondary pedestrian route in east-west axis are created to achieve permeable access to the site and benefit adjacent neighborhoods.

Despite intimate scale is presented in the inner streets, creating pleasant shopping, dinning and entertaining experiences. Also two landmark type of buildings are proposed at both the south and north corner of the site, in a way to dominate the whole complex, and attract people from greater distance.

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Status: Under Construction