Studio T-Square

Studio T-Square

Oakland, CA



Scheme 1 Concept:

Unify the composition of the new and the existing hotel – Enhancing the “Wind” element as the unified natural thread of the “Mountain”, “Sky” and “Ocean”. Break down the static bulk and mass of the building by clarifying the various key massing elements and enhancing the movement of the building skin.

Clarify and contrast the linear elements of the structure from the curve elements of the building skin. Establish a visible accent vertical frame by creating a special corner unit and balconies and large roof frame for signage and lighting. Create a round transparent elevator lobby core as the counterpoint to the existing hotel.


Scheme 2 and 2A Concept:

Inspired by the local fabric tradition, the elevation follows the weaving technique to create an intriguing layering system that reflects sun, shade, and shadows.

Break down the overall massing by well-proportioned compartments, roof element, and base garden. All pieces are implicitly weaved together by continuous textures.

Use rustic surface such as terracotta, stone and wood to bring up the warmth of the tropical material and create a welcoming manner. Darker color palette with clear glass balconies blend in with the background hill.

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Status: Under Construction