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Studio T-Square

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This project is located on Hainan Island, the “Hawaii of China”, in the lush, tropical city of Sanya.  The site creates a central gateway for the New Town Master Plan connecting the airport in the north to the Sanya Bay Beach in the south.  The design focuses on integrating the urban design significance of the site with the tropical resort environment and the existing lake and wetland areas.  The lake, wetlands, and city storm channel are utilized and connected by a pedestrian bridge to become a landscaped natural focal point for the neighborhood. Paving areas are maximized using turf blocks when necessary to take advantage of Sanya’s opulent and fast-growing flora, allowing for landscape integration.

The project complements its interlocking landscape and built-form technique with an undulating skyline of various building heights.  The permeability of the site is accentuated by several pedestrian linkages to the beachfront and between community open spaces, pocket-parks, swimming pools, and a retail mixed-use corner within the site.  This iconic project creates a grand gesture for the Sanya community intersecting urban design with a resort community and the highlighted natural beauty of the island.

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Status: Built
Location: Sanya, CN