Felipe Molina

Felipe Molina

New York, NY, US



Since the 60’s, Guayaquil has been growing southern prioritizing, due to the informal settlements of a population from all over of Ecuador . These settlements occupied and filled large tracts of territory formerly occupied by mangroves and all its derivative fauna. As a result of a dense and unplanned occupation, complementary recreational areas were not considered. The objective of Tireground is to seek new territories that replace this need, having as main option the banks of the Salado estuary, being the link between shores from different zones of the city. This is a proposal for the community to be able to build and reform as needed. However, five different hexagonal modules are set,  that combined from all sides, help them efficiently generate areas that can be developed as an extension of the informal city.

- Holcim Awards 2014 Competition

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Guayaquil, EC
Additional Credits: Jorge Ludena, Enrique Mora, Ana Maria Romero