Felipe Molina

Felipe Molina

New York, NY, US



The Double Vortex project comes from the idea to create a cell able to regulate external physical phenomenas, as the skin of a living being reacts or protects from the temperature of the context. This unit would adapt its bounderies and vortex’s aperture to different topological and surrounding circunstances. The materialization of the project started from paper models that by means of different folding strategies allowed to get two sides model that operates on one side as a wind and light catcher, and on the other side, as diffusor and regulator of both. - Beyond Prototype Seminar Spring 2015, GSAPP

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Status: School Project
Location: United States of America
My Role: Student
Additional Credits: Critic: Jason Ivaliotis
In collaboration: Peter Mielnicki, Nadia Mirza, and Babak Ansari