Felicia Franzese

Felicia Franzese

Chicago, IL, US



Investigating a geometry study that capitalizes on success through a series of obtuse angled punctures, THE URBAN DÉ finds its formal qualities to be full of life and movement. Momentary resting points are showcased on specific sides, surfacing the argument for potential uses in an urban scene.
The abstract geometry, THE URBAN DÉ, needs to find its ideal environment in which to reside. The geometry has six potential orientations in which it can situate itself on any given site in an urban context. However, the geometry needs to be specific in the way in orientates itself in comparison to its immediate surroundings. Providing that each individual orientation will dictate a different set of inhabitable qualities by resting on a different footprint, each orientation needs to be classified and situated uniquely.
When THE URBAN DÉ places itself, does the urban block/environment build and expand based on the formal qualities of the geometry, or does this ideal habitat already exist in an urban context in which the geometry can reside as is?
Through a series of diagrams and photographs THE URBAN DÉ will declare what it is, model its six orientations, and showcase its ideal proposed habitat.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Designer