Felicia Franzese

Felicia Franzese

Chicago, IL, US



As so many cultural and physical attributes help script the way people perceive and identify individuals, can personal IDENTITY be defined? Many regularly try and hide aspects and qualities associated with their individual IDENTITY, while others can easily attain and gain access to random information. Allowing for the representation of identification to radiate with irony, the question of authenticity arises.
As the world capitalizes on technology for means of survival, questions of personal identification are easily challenged and altered. Face-to-face interactions become challenging, as no truth is distinctly associated with materials presented.
Is there really a face or fingerprint attached to a credit card with a printed name?
How do you know when you scan a barcode that you’re identifying the right product?
Looks are deceiving, to protect ones IDENTITY look pass tangible objects and immediate views.

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Status: School Project
Location: Buffalo, NY, US
My Role: Designer