Felicia Franzese

Felicia Franzese

Chicago, IL, US



ALLA MODA stands in the middle of Riverside Plaza due to the process of stacking and subtracting. The formal investigation was based on an additive series of multiple sized straight edged geometries and the removal of pure organic curvatures.
The horizontal cone shaped voids allow specific circulation through the tower by directional organization, emerging urbanites with grand scenic views of the city. Flows of circulation project out to captivating north/south and east/west views, depicting your location on the interior of ALLA MODA, better connecting urbanites to Chicago.
Located between Washington Avenue and Madison Avenue along the Chicago River, ALLA MODA was designed specifically for a plaza environment. By embracing the site with a minimal footprint, ALLA MODA welcomes the existing outdoor and recreational activity to share its inviting entrance and to direct public circulation up through the tower.
ALLA MODA’s captivating bold defining geometric form enhances Chicago’s love for fashion, creativity, and art and showcases these creative expressions. Creating an interior urbanism, bringing culture and urban life to the interior, ALLA MODA has potential to be a Chicago Landmark.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Designer