Evan Remington

Evan Remington

Long Island City, NY, US


Amman Kunsthalle

This museum creates 3 specific types of exhibition spaces that relate to 3 types of art. Graffiti, Street Art, and Gallery Art. The communication in the Middle East art world between the 3 types of art creates a dialogue between them, giving currency to the transaction of the information shared from one to another. Form the bottom up (graffiti-street-gallery) or the top down (gallery-street-grafitti). This museum allows the types of art to define, split and join the exhibition spaces in strategic ways that changes with the installations. Taking advantage of the verticality of the site and the need for pedestrian flow vertically through the site, the spaces invite the public to interact with the spaces in various ways.

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Status: School Project
Location: Amman, JO
My Role: Designer