Emily Manera

Emily Manera

Los Angeles, CA, US


Active Showroom

The ACTIVE showroom is a space designed to showcase the self cleaning ceramic tiles of Iris Ceramica.  It is an exhibition space that uses a web of string to contrast the cleanliness of these tiles.  The web consumes all surfaces of the space becoming more intense the farther you go into the showroom.  The small room on the second level is simply white to really show this distinct contrast.  The tiles will be displayed in various areas throughout the exhibition space.  This was a group project completed during a study abroad session in Milan, Italy.  My two partners and I were asked to also create a communication strategy for this project as well.  We designed a magazine to display images of our space and included text describing the tile company and our design intent.  The idea behind the self cleaning tiles is that their lifetime is infinate, which we displayed through the use of this seemingly infinate web that consumes the space. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Milan, IT