Emily Oechslin

Emily Oechslin

Lexington, KY, US


Disaster Relief/Recovery Housing

Spring 2012

Studio with Bruce Swetnam, Michael Jacobs, David Biagi, and Joseph Tanney

Disasters occur, and the aftermath consists of recovery to allow the victims to start over.  Rapid response initially and the ability to quickly produce permanent housing is the focus for us. The dimensions of a shipping container (8’ x 40’ x 9’6”) is taken as a norm to allow the disaster recovery housing we created to travel in a variety of standard shipping methods (train, truck, ship), which can be done easily across the globe. Restricted by the 8’ width, the slide-outs proved to be a vital element to create more space from such a limitation. The slide-outs allow the space within to expand from 8’ to around 15’, which makes them feel comfortable and permanent.

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Status: School Project
Location: Lexington, KY, US