Dieu Hoang

Dieu Hoang

Los Angeles, CA, US


Sun Valley Children's Library

Woodbury University's Frankel Award for Best Degree Project 2016

In a young city like Los Angeles, is it possible to
create a future archaeology, in which the atmosphere
and character of the city’s ordinary structures are
captured? This is becoming crucialdue to the fact
that the majority of the city’s fabric, which consists
of domestic structures, is made of non-permanent
materials which adapt to the rapid change in styles
of Californian homes. The term “archaeology” is
defined through a set of techniques of reconfiguring
materialsand creative processes of misinterpretation,
in order to discover the potential of the vernacular
domestic structures
of LA’s.

Several fragile moments of LA’s Storybook house
typology are captured through the act of pickling,
sealing and inverting and brought together to create
a new space with a new function: The Sun Valley
Storybook library. This addition to the existing public
library is a playful Community House that captures the
stories of LA life.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US