Dieu Hoang

Dieu Hoang

Los Angeles, CA, US


Nested City

Nested City is proposed to turn a new transit station
in the center of Santa Monica into a multi-purpose
public space that represents the most outstanding
characteristics of the city’s architectural typology and

The project is a hybridization of multiple typologies
that exist around the area including: tower, slab, mat
and terrace. Each typology is to serve a different type
of users. A hybrid design can, thus, serve multiple
purposes: from public, semi-public to private.

Nested City serves the city of Santa Monica as the
main transit station under its two arms that cross
the main street. The Slab and Terrace serve as
affordable housing. The Bottom of the tower serves
as entertainment, conference and Gallery space. The
middle and top portion work as office space and luxury

The core structure of the whole project is made of
steel. The tower’s big back bone is the 3 main braced
steel walls which are supported with the 3 main steel
cores. The 3 cores also serves as vertical circulation.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Santa Monica, CA, US
My Role: Head Designer
Additional Credits: Medapati, V.