Dieu Hoang

Dieu Hoang

Los Angeles, CA, US


Bowtie Parcel Viewing Device

The Viewing machine at Bowtie Parcel, California State

Parks, Los Angeles is designed to capture the hidden
treasure views of the one of the most under-utilized and
toughest sites of the city. The project emphasizes the
rough beauty of the border between and industrial site
and nature. It penetrates through the fence of LA River,
providing shade and capturing the hard-to-notice view
of LA River and the Griffith Observatory.

The Park gifted the project about 2 tons of rusty steel
strips that used to be the material for the train track by
the site. The strips were cleaned and cut to customized
sizes and angles and welded as frames for the viewing

Each layer of steel is sandwiched by a layer of wood.
Some layers are left open to allow sunlight and views.
Some of the wood loop eventually becomes a seating
space. The Metal and Wood layers are connected by
countersinked 1/4”x6” stainless steel bolts.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Head designer, fabricator.
Additional Credits: Medapati, V. Kimball, A. Farahani, N