Ching Huen Leung

Ching Huen Leung

Brooklyn, NY, USA


Small Scale Restaurant

Located next to a historic reservoir, which now houses the university’s library, this project seeks to be a small scale restaurant that would be a proper assertion to its urban context. Referring to the grid of the library columns, a linear scheme is developed, where the Catalan vaults have the same rhythm throughout the “served” and “servant spaces”. There is also an expression on the material and construction aspects of the bricks that are being used, bringing in light, warmth and pleasure into the restaurant.

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES
My Role: site plan, detail drawings, visualizations & physical model
Additional Credits: Partnered with Iris Alonso & Jesse Han
Instructors: Alejandro Lapunzina & Faculty at ETSAV-UPC Fall 2017