Ching Huen Leung

Ching Huen Leung

Brooklyn, NY, USA


Master Thesis: Manifested Tectonic--In Search of Theatricality

Inspired by both Artaud and Hartoonian’s implications of theatricality, this thesis  is aimed to explore the potential state of Tectonic through aesthetic, performative and philosophical means. Concepts like theatricality and spectacles are permeating our society since late capitalism. The meaning of tectonic that rooted in the origin of Architecture has also come a long way from the classical period. Theatricality, namely a gap between reality and its representation, has never been more appropriate under such context. Treating building elements as set pieces on stage, improvisations are generated by both signifier and participants. Theatricality is here used as a communication tool that mediates fictional scenarios and everyday experiences, in order to grasp the uncanny residues/gaps between reality and fiction. It synthesizes the roles of people and objects in a theatrical play through “a sense of humor, a sense of laughter’s power of physical and anarchic dissociation.” (Artaud, The Theater and Its Double)

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