Ching Huen Leung

Ching Huen Leung

Brooklyn, NY, USA


Bangalore Water Market

Bangalore city is located at the edge of the Cauvery basin. As the cities' water resources deplete, the city is forced to extend its dependence on natural resources on the Cauvery river basin. Researching water scarcity, pollution, supply, and water infrastructure in Bangalore, this speculative project is aimed to express architecture as a polysemic language that negotiates between reality and imagination. Abandoned water tank is used as a signifier framing people’s cultural habits, and lake is seen as a common wealth, as well as a socio-ecological landscape that brings the community together.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bangalore City, IN
My Role: research, axonometric diagrams, axonometric section, visualization of the oblique plan, physical model
Additional Credits: Partnered with Akhil Arun
Instructor: ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]
Summer 2019
Exhibition: Village of Global Warming I New York I USA