Ching Huen Leung

Ching Huen Leung

Brooklyn, NY, USA


A Room with a View

Situated on a dock that resides on the lake, this reading room is about Emotion and Space. Mood is used as a potential medium to explore the metaphysical states of people in space. Playing with both the spatial constraints and indeterminacy of a nine-square configuration, the abstraction and expression of emotion is very much like the composition of music. A series of mutually inclusive reading and viewing rooms create certain atmospheres. The dialogue generated between “reading” and “viewing” is achieved through circulation, effects, and framing. Combining materiality, lighting, and spatial conditions, viewing rooms are like events and are without hierarchy, allowing for people to find their  own paths in space and time.

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Status: School Project
Location: Syracuse, NY, US
Additional Credits: Instructors: Abruzzo Bodziak Architects
Spring 2019