Christian Haahs

Christian Haahs

Champaign, IL, US


Junior Studio - Landscape Architecture Project 01

This home serves as a luxurious and functional living space for two artists on the Allerton Park property. The space is divided into three major parts, public, private, and the studio/gallery. The bedrooms are located by the entrance and sit right by a shared bathroom and storage space. The hall between the bedrooms leads out to an immediate view of the land from a high viewpoint in the sight. The east extension of the home sits lower in elevation than the rest of the home. The only way into the space is going down the stairs, creating a strong divide between this gallery to the rest of the home. The gallery is to function as a showroom for paintings, photos, and other visual arts. The west extension of the home maintains the general elevation of the house and takes advantage of decline in elevation of the land. The public space, including a kitchen, dining, living space, and deck maximizes its height with curtain walls on three walls giving a unique view of the park. There is grace in the simplicity of the building’s design to accomodate specific needs in a particular location.

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Status: School Project
Location: Monticello, IL, US