Carlos Augusto Garcia

Carlos Augusto Garcia

Los Angeles, CA, US



Part IV:

The selected sites each maintain their discreet and specific design challenges due not only to climate, but also to culture and the influence of societal and economic constraints. There is no designing in a vacuum for contemporary designers; every context has unique qualities which need to be considered, and in most cases employed into each design.

The influence of each region is held to real-world standards in an attempt to gain perspective on how each local architectural language has been developed, manipulated, streamlined or otherwise dissected as a result of its external influences. This logic of natural landscape acceptance will then be used to develop a new and organically interactive language of interaction based on the accessible attributes of each region, blurring the artificial boundaries established so synthetically in previous generations of dwelling space.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rouyn, QC, CA
My Role: Designer