Carlos Augusto Garcia

Carlos Augusto Garcia

Los Angeles, CA, US


Boundaries: HIGHLAND

Part I:

The philosophy of organic architecture needs to be challenged. The task will be to thrust forward, to explore the inherent connection and harmony of objects of human habitation and the context in which they lie. The defining element becomes the discourse of the evolution of technology in architecture, a tool largely utilized in furthering the antiquated goal of preventing the penetration of natural landscape into spaces previously defined as habitable, indoor hardscape. This implies not only a sympathetic connection, allowing the implementation of passive components such as rainwater catchment systems, photovoltaic panels and organic building materials, but also an active integrated connection, allowing for the mutual benefit and coalescence of hard and soft landscape.

The aim is to define, analyze, and ultimately challenge the boundaries of indoor/outdoor space, symbiotic relationships and modernist ideals of emulating natural landscape in, on, and around built space. Designing in this manner should not only be inspired by nature; wherein it seeks to be sustainable, conserving, and diverse; the design should be able to accommodate and acclimate according to the attributes of each specific environment, where design needs to become agile and dynamic.

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Status: School Project
Location: Cajamarca, PE
My Role: Designer