Brooke Dexter

Brooke Dexter

Brooklyn, NY, US


Weebles Wobble

Within the studio framework of setting up possibilities for a new subjectivity between an object and a subject, this project focuses on rocking, wobbling and setting up an instability with the ground. With the weeble wobble of the 1970s as a precedent, I started with a series of small scale models carved out of foam, abstracting the form of the weeble wobble to carve out spaces for inhabitation and create a space of leisure. They were also weighted to wobble with a low center of gravity and airbrushed to accentuate their forms.

Rather than premeditating the design and fabricating with a robot, process
was a critical component in making the weeble wobble. Using hand saws, flat files and a spoon, the low-density styrofoam was carved into its form for the weeble wobble, adapting the form from the smaller models and adjusting accordingly. Once bonded together, the styrofoam was coated in rubber urethane and airbrushed.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, US
Additional Credits: Studio critic: Thom Moran