Brooke Dexter

Brooke Dexter

Brooklyn, NY, US


Sartorial Architecture: Hot Glue as Textile

In order to find a way to create volume and dimensionality with a material that is inherently flat, we created a design that utilized the 2-dimensional in combination with the 3-dimensional. The 3D unit can then be compiled and layered to create volume with the support of the 2D layer/s.

Creating the pattern for the interior portion of the jacket meant adapting a dress pattern and developing the tesselation. To tailor the tesselations to the body, we created more and less dense areas and adjusted the tesselation’s directionality.

In comparison with the interior part of the garment, the exterior “cape,” while fitted to the body, is a looser piece that is meant to be structured. While the pattern references the interior, it develops a shape of its own that emphasizes the neck by using the shoulders as a structure to build the form up and provide a base layer for the 3-dimensional layer.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, US
Additional Credits: Partner: Diana Tsai
Critic: Tsz Yan Ng