Brooke Dexter

Brooke Dexter

Brooklyn, NY, US


The Most Photographed Barn in America

Within a three day charrette with Sam Jacob, our team took a series of photographs provided of “the most photographed barn in America” and used 3D scanning software to “feel out” data from the 2D. This created two fragments of the barn facades that emerged from repetitious photos. By moving from the 2D to 3D, back to 2D to create contours to create a 3D model of the facades, the charrette created an exercise in making strange. The tension between trying to describe the thing when moving between 2D and 3D resulted in a recalibration of the images into 3D models.

Instead of creating a 3D model, 3D scanning software resulted in two facade fragments that blend the landscape and barn from the photos together. These fragments were contoured out to create a 3D model with vinyl, cut on the Zünd, creating a new model of “the most photographed barn in America.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, US
Additional Credits: Partners: Ritwika Banerjee, Yinying Chen, John Sampson