Brooke Dexter

Brooke Dexter

Brooklyn, NY, US


Auditory Activation

Auditory Turned Visual

Call: In the confined space of a studio, one begins to feel a simultaneous trap and expansion. Smell and sound produce an engagement with neighboring spaces and give a false intimacy. Walls are conditioned to act as paper-thin thresholds. Within this false intimacy, we are connected to our neighbors, hearing the routine activities of their day. These sounds produce an activation of space that counters visual perception.

Response: With an installation at Michigan Central Station, sound informs the perception of the folly, with sound-activated lighting reacting to music as one enters the space. A city famous for the inception of Motown and techno, this music and light attracts attention to this abandoned building that represents the nostalgia ever-present in Detroit.

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Status: School Project
Location: Ann Arbor, MI, US
Additional Credits: Critic: Ana Morcillo Pallarés