Too Much Architectural BS

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    Architecture as Badge Collecting

    By BuildingSatire
    Feb 8, '14 1:35 AM EST

    ​Gotta Patch em' All


    • snooker-doodle-dandy

      Is that Willie Nelsons brother Ralph?

      Feb 8, 14 7:12 pm  · 

      he's an architect.  he has everything but a haircut.  poor guy doesn't even get paid enough to go to great clips, despite all the credentials he's racked up.

      Feb 10, 14 12:05 pm  · 

      So much truth to the graphic it is scary.

      Feb 11, 14 10:35 am  · 
      boy in a well


      Feb 12, 14 4:41 am  · 

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