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    Contemporary Art | Are You Getting Enough?

    By BuildingSatire
    Nov 4, '12 5:31 PM EST

    Should contemporary art be daily? Corn Flakes are great daily. They are simple. They ask little from me psychologically or philosophically. Their bland flavor happily disappears behind thoughts of what I’ll be doing today, or what I drank last night.

    Contemporary art over my Corn Flakes is like a James Joyce novel in my underwear drawer. It’s an indigestible lump I’d hardly grasp in my bleary-eyed search for a clean pair — or at least it should be, right?

    Relentlessly subjected to blog culture, the works become more journalism than art. Subject matter becomes a daily vitamin, instantly swallowed without concern for taste or temperature. White painted walls and concrete floors blend indistinguishably together — are we in Berlin? New York? Whoknowswhere? And rabid trends between exhibits take prominence over any depth in one.

    Today I found an interesting art exhibit on ContemporaryArtDaily. It’s a fifteen minute walk from my Parisian apartment, but why leave my bed? Piles of things on the floor is so last month anyway. I’ll just check what’s happening in architecture today on ArchDaily instead.



    By Blair On October 17, 2012 

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