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    We are America | A Call to Action

    By BuildingSatire
    Dec 11, '12 12:43 PM EST

    We are America | A Call to Action

    By Jamel Williams On December 11, 2012

    Now that we have made it through the obligatory familial togetherness of the overwhelming uncommercial Thanksgiving holiday, we, as Americans, can finally focus on what matters most. We can now turn our attention to our stuff; stuff we don’t have, stuff we can’t afford, stuff we don’t need, stuff that needs upgrading, and new places to store all of our new stuff!

    As purchasers of the American dream we have bought the responsibility of maintaining the consumption pyramid scheme. It is our role as naive foot soldiers to promote growth and demand more, newer things for ourselves. We are privileged to have self-concerned governmental overseers to ensure the exploitation of new markets, growing the base of the pyramid for our benefit!

    As Americans, it is our responsibility to keep the hamster wheel of consumption turning, and now is our time! Consumers, gas up the Caravan, grab your sales papers and do your part! Together we can reshape the world in our image.

    Our spending is our evangelism; our dollars support the construction of new temples of consumption across the globe, baptizing new consumption minded soldiers into the fold.

    More is the only way that we can grow. Together we can achieve more, together we can create a world of absent minded consumers, all following the drone of the almighty dollar!

    Let us go forth and save the world this holiday season!!

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