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    Flavor for Farce | OMALORD

    By BuildingSatire
    Aug 22, '12 5:42 PM EST

    Today The OMALORD has decreed that in one week, the “Dark Days” of the world of architecture will forever be in the past (but not forgotten). The OMALORD has issued an edict that fifty nobodies be given the infinitesimally small opportunity to become one of the .07% of somebodies in the world of architecture whose opinions occasionally matter.

    Contestants from the three relevant regions of the world (¥€$) will be selected to participate in what is being billed as the Extreme Hunger Games. The goal of the games is to remind the world of how sad and pathetic the discourse of architecture had become in the years before the light of Rem arrived. The games will allow all to revisit the world of depraved depression that reigned before The OMALORD arrived, rescuing the regions from the vise-grip of Postmodernism.

    The contestants will be chosen, judged solely by their appearance and ability to write thought-provoking and profoundly incoherent archi-babble. Only the top literary offenders will be selected to participate. The games will force each contestant to survive within the metropolis while staving off attacks from other contestants, rabid dogs, and disillusioned exiles from the Central Temple. Contestants will compete with only $9.41, five articles of black clothing, 7 lbs of blue foam, and one Olfa Knife. The last contestant standing will be invited into the holy of holies in the Central Temple and allowed to worship at the altar of Rem, experiencing the all-encompassing light of The OMALORD. The one bathed in the light will be ordained the newest disciple and charged with upholding the legacy of The OMALORD into the future.

    The games will therefore ensure that the foremost regions of the world will never again descend into the primitive darkness. Let the games begin!

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