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    Welcome to What's Your Story?

    Greg Sikora
    Jan 23, '14 12:34 PM EST

    For this first post we just wanted to say hello to Archinect, and welcome to the Boston Architectural College's blog series, What's Your Story?  Our initial post will be a brief explanation of why this blog exists.

    So why did the BAC decide to create a blog about stories from student, faculty, and staff?  It is quite simple, to share those stories.  What is a major way that people learn about each other?  It is the stories that are shared between them, right?  Well that's what this blog is all about.  It's the BAC sharing our stories with you, so you can better get to know us.

    We, the writers of this blog, as well as everyone who shares their tales, hope that you enjoy and get a good bit of incite into Boston Architectural College.

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    • mariolion

      This a great blog to share what really is to be at the BAC or an Alumni from the BAC. who doesn't remember this; " is 11Pm and I still have not finish my drawing, or 3d model, should I do it or go to sleep?"  that is the question, or why did I get into this? well many of you students feel this way, and others like me we said, " I can't believe I went through that and I survived!, and even better I got my degree! , this is amazing you will say, and as hard as it looks it can be done, the BAC is either you hate it or love it, or just can't figure it out, I can't figure out myself yet;  one my stories was going to the bar and play pool after the class, that's a classic or go to the restaurant in front for some fries at the class break, what about the pizza welcome party for the new students, that was great!

      Mario Jaime, alumni

      Jan 24, 14 12:47 am  · 

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This blog is dedicated to the stories of the students, faculty, and staff of Boston Architectural College. These stories will be shared in many forms, be it personal anecdotes, photo narratives, interviews and more.

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