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    The Best Cover Letter Ever Written

    By BuildingSatire
    Jun 14, '13 12:01 PM EST


    Like an impetuous and premature first-time or waking up without beer goggles, sometimes the world reminds us of humbling experiences that have defined our youth and sculpted us into the fine human beings we are today. This week, I awoke to a most nostalgic email that oozed ambition, dripped desperation, and stunk with virginal entitlement. To introduce an exhibit that needs no introduction, behold — the best cover letter ever written:


    Applying For Internship

    To whom it may concern:


    Work experience for teenagers? Yes, but that does not mean basic training, simple task, naive teenagers, etc. I am proficient in AutoCAD, Photoshop and Sketchup, and I am only grade 11. There is no doubt about my communication skills, as I am the top 5% of my grade. Leadership? no problem. I am the leader of student government and have operated many volunteers and activities on my own.

    I am looking forward to having a part-time work experience at your studio. Please reply to this email if you are interested in me — I really need your favor.


    [big fish, small pond]
    Leader of Student Government,
    SUIS High School

    For those of us consumed in deadlines and change orders, what has become of us? Have we lost the fierce determination that once propelled us through architecture school? Naivety aside, we must applaud this kid’s initiative and blind confidence – a confidence to leap into the unknown and tackle any and all obstacles. For those who applaud the daring, who shall bequeath this young man the favor he so audaciously desires?


    • citizen

      Get me that kid's phone number!  I need my car washed.

      Jun 14, 13 11:46 am  · 

      If he's Max Fischer, I'll hire him solely for the entertainment value he would bring to the office.

      Jun 14, 13 1:00 pm  · 

      Hiring an intern to wash your car or entertain you would be illegal :)

      Jun 15, 13 2:49 pm  · 

      Andrew, where I work every official job description includes a phrase stating that the employee's responsibilities include "other duties as assigned by Supervisor".  I was laughing about this as I was cleaning drywall dust off of every single wooden hanger - approx. 600 - in our coat check room, the dust having been the result of the construction project for which I am PM.

      So yes, washing someone's car could legally fall within an intern's duties. It shouldn't, but it could.  

      Of course, Max Fischer would have talked one of his younger followers into doing the car washing if it was assigned to him.  *That* shows leadership. ;-)

      Jun 15, 13 3:44 pm  · 

      Who said anything about hiring?

      Jun 15, 13 5:58 pm  · 

      I think he might be  the guy I compete against on Craig's List....Now wonder I loose all those big commissions.  I guess his overhead is less, living at home and using the high schools computers and up to date computer programs. 

      Jun 15, 13 6:59 pm  · 

      for such an over-achiever/top 5% of grade in terms of communication skills, isn't the english/phrasing a bit off?

      Jun 18, 13 6:43 pm  · 
      Sarah Hamilton

      Snook, don't be so sure about up to date computers and programs.  I'm still teaching on CS3!

      Jun 20, 13 9:32 am  · 

      Definitely agree with you Nam!

      But I guess everyone has to start somewhere..

      Jun 21, 13 8:11 am  · 

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