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    Competition v1.0 // Satirical Section

    By BuildingSatire
    Dec 17, '12 2:59 PM EST

    Beginning December 16th and ending January 20th we are holding an international design competition for students. The winner will be awarded a two-week externship at LUXIGON Aloha Jacta Est in Los Angeles.

    Entrants will choose from the following categories and create a sectional representation of their architectural interpretation of the space:

    - Section through a well-lit cemetery
    - Section through the New York sewer system
    - Section through the mind of your professor
    - Section through the seven rings of studio hell (Rings TBD by entrant)

    Although an entrant may enter under one category, they may incorporate as many of the other categories as they wish. (ie: the mind of your professor in the nyc gutter).

    Entry is free. To enter, email competitions[at] with your “.edu” email address, full name, and the category you wish to enter in by January 17th 2012.
    You will be given an entry number that must be placed on your submittal in a 1″x1″ box in the lower right corner. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive entrant number.
    Entries with entrant names or without entry numbers will be disqualified.
    You may use any media to construct your sections including but not limited to drawing, painting, physical/digital models, photographs, existing drawings and projects, etc.
    Submissions must be displayed in a 24″ x 36″ (orientation up to entrant) pdf no larger than 5mb in size.
    Each entry requires a maximum of 500 words explaining your perceptual intent. (If you choose to incorporate existing drawings and projects, explain this in the text and cite the source of your images). As writers, we are just as interested in your linguistic narrative as your graphics.
    Although this is a section competition, we do not discourage incorporating plans, perspectives, elevations, etc. to represent your work.
    This is not a team competition.
    Submissions must be emailed to competitions[at] no later than January 20th 12:00AM GMT-8
    Be sure to send only ONE email submission understanding that we will only judge the first submission we receive from you. Duplicate emails will be deleted.


    Winners will be announced the beginning of February. We will award the top 3 and post the top 20 here at BuildingSatire (we may also physically publish your work in a future anthology — we’ll be sure to send you a copy). Only the first place entry will be awarded a two-week externship at LUXIGON. The dates for the externship will be negotiated to best fit the schedule of both the winner and LUXIGON. BuildingSatire will not cover any travel expenses and the externship will be unpaid.

    For additional questions, email competitions[at]


    Juanito Olivarria // LUXIGON Los Angeles
    Karen Lange // Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Architecture, Studio 400
    Thomas Fowler IV // Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Architecture, DPACSA, AIA, NCARB
    Kyle J. Miller // Kentucky College of Design, eightyeight-west
    Carolina Dayer // Virginia Tech A+D, PHD Candidate
    Graham Gordon // SHoP Architects
    Ilias Papageorgiou // Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu
    *Staff // BuildingSatire
    *Offical Jury votes weighted 2X that of Staff votes.


    • citrus.grey

      So, basically we draw you a section and if you like it you'll let us work for you for free for a couple weeks?

      Dec 18, 12 12:25 am  · 

      can I draw a section through the mind of the meglomaniac who thinks people are willing to do free work for the chance to do more free work. 

      It would be something like this..

      In the center a single god particle surrounded by pure photons from the ancient walls of of greatest architecture.......encased in a skull of the finest marble.....on the exterior a shell of well groomed hair....all within an endless expanse of inferior arch grads on their knees......begging and crying like north koreans at the feet of their dear leader....

      Dec 18, 12 11:27 am  · 

      Suggest all boycott this an any other continual marginalisation of architects through non-paid solicitation of internships posing as a competition. 

      Dec 19, 12 3:13 am  · 

      Hello Poor People,

      This is a competition held by recent grads and students for students. We're just as broke as you. There is no prize money unless we charged an entry fee. But rather than taking money from the already destitute intern populous, we thought it better to provide an opportunity and a network with an emerging LA office.


      We appreciate your skepticism, cynicism, and passionate responses; and we enjoy such provocation. We'll make sure our next competition is Revit-based and we'll provide an externship at $17.50/hr.

      We understand what you're going through because we're in exactly the same position as you. But as you might read a book for pleasure, draw a compelling section because you feel like it or because the competition interests you. The externship is only icing.


      This is real BS. 

      Dec 22, 12 11:03 am  · 

      Not sold?

      Dec 22, 12 11:27 am  · 

      You forgot to mention the winner will get a free taco.

      Dec 22, 12 12:56 pm  · 

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