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Jun '12 - Sep '12

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    Week 69

    Ryan Panos
    Sep 24, '12 11:23 PM EST

    Before the semester started I was lucky enough to tak an impromptu visit home to see my family and take one last deep breath before the semester starts. As serious as I am about architecture, spending a week away from the study of architecture makes it completely melt away, I got to see my dad’s new home, stayed in brothers new place and spend the long weekend at the cottage with my mom. It reminded me why I am doing all of this.


    It is easy to get sidetracked and forget why you went into architecture school, the long hours, it is expensive and it is certainly not looking good as a profession, but somewhere you decided to go into it and give it your all. I can only speak for myself, but my family has helped me tremendously throughout my education, any kind of support I have needed they have been there without hesitation. I am here on the cusp of my final year and masters thesis and in a way I am doing it for them.

    I love architecture and all of its flaws, and I am positively doing it because I want to, but it helps knowing that it is what my family wants for me as well. Especially helpful in times of despair when the weight of architecture education pressures you beyond your capabilities, I take solace in knowing that my family wants it for me as much as I want it.


    The week before school started went by too quickly and I said goodbye once again to my family, but as sad I was to go it gave me resolve for my last year in school and I’m going to strive even more for what I want, because it is what they would want.   

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    • chatter of clouds

      nice post. best of luck

      Oct 6, 12 6:34 am

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