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    Week 64

    Ryan Panos
    Jul 8, '12 3:09 AM EST

    I have yet to make my mind up about Vancouver, it is a wonderful city to study in, and it has been great to live outside of Toronto, but there is still something about it that doesn’t feel like home, and maybe it is not suppose to feel that way. Somewhere in the back of mind getting my M.arch degree here has always been a transitionary step, to what? Well that is still being decided.


    There are great reasons to stay however, case in point, hiking. Almost non-existent in Ontario, is part of almost everyone’s daily lives here. Emily, Jen and I hiked up the Cheif a little while ago something if you come to Vancouver is a must. It was pretty spectacular, the views for miles, I can totally understand the high people here get from the rush of it all. I was told before I came out here that when people ask you what you do they do not mean your career, they mean do you run, or boat, or climb, ski, snowboard? On the east coast I think it is a question that is directed at what you do for a living, indicating that this is definitely a recreation city, rather than a cultural or economic city (from my short lived perspective at least).


    For me this has been a great city to visit, but the more and more I realize it is not the city for me to build a career in, other have done it and very well I must add. But I am feeling the need to adventure to a new city, maybe no other place will feel like home, not that is has to, but if I don’t  try to find it… 

    well I am going to try and find it. 

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