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    The Right to Housing 1: Informal Areas & Community Organisation

    By Cairo2seattle
    Jun 10, '12 2:51 AM EST

    The Right to Housing 1: Informal Areas & Community Organisation is a part one of a mini series on self Organized communities in Egypt. The video is in Arabic but it have an English Subtitles 

    Sources of information mentioned in the video :

    43.5% of housing units in Egypt are not connected to sanitation 
    Mahadaltaktit National / United Nations for Development, Egypt Human Development Report 0.2010 

    2% of urban housing units by structural cracks About 6% of urban households use common toilets About 4.5% of urban households live in units of one-room 
    USAID Housing Study for Urban Egypt, 2008

    Semi-formal sector (Almkrobasat) provides about 35% of the needs of transportation in Cairo.
    UNDP Sustainable Transport for Egypt, 2008    

    The rate of drop of water in Cairo for a day or more: 37%
    UN-Habitat & The American University in Cairo, Cairo, a city in transition, 2011

    Wastage in the water system at the level of the Republic: 50% Egyptian Centre for Housing Rights, disaster drinking water 0.2007

    The Right to Housing 1: Informal Areas & Community Organisation

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Hi, I am Mohammed an Egyptian .... well [Architect] in Egypt or maybe they call it engineer ? anyway i am not that now. why ? because i crossed the border, i am now in Seattle,WA USA and according to AIA i am .... nothing ! so in this blog i will put my experience of crossing borders in post 2008 as an architect from Egypt trying to make it in the west while everyone else is abandoning ship to the east (CHINA) or at least that what i think lol

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