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    I wounder, Can we Sell Green Architecture like the Security Industry ??

    By Cairo2seattle
    Feb 29, '12 7:08 PM EST

    Telling you something you may already know,

    besides that I like architecture one of the reasons of me joining that trap called architecture school/ career is that having a shelter(which I though at that time that house or apartment)   is one of the basic human needs  food, shelter and clothing so I will never be out of work because people will always want a building to shelter them, right ?  Wrong, yes people need shelter and mostly it will be … you know a built environment  but I failed to understand that : a) the built environment became a currency in the investment world, a product that people though that make it more luxurious it will sell better !!! b) the concept of shelter become bigger than just a wall and roof, how?

    Security  !! yes security is the new shelter. I am not talking only about the direct security (police, Army ..etc) but also other kinds of security.  In 2001 after the 9/11 terror attacks have threatened the personal security of the people. the security industry boomed from barely registered industry to multi-million that architects had no hands in it but maybe installing more security cam recorders. in 2008 the real estate bubble and crash of the market. This time the peoples financial security has been effected and instead of helping out we abounded ship laid off thousands and nagged about it !  then came Obama with an idea to get us out by ….. upgrading the ageing infrastructure wohoooo !! now all architects become city experts they make videos about it, talk about it and make a fancy drawings about it while yelling every time that 60% of all people will live in cities by 2030.

    good now what ?  why I am writing all this B.S wasting your time ? doomsday preppers ...... wait wait let me finish !! doomsday preppers  is a show started this month of Nat Geo channel about bunch of people preparing for the end of the world. I was expecting to see a paranoid right wing nut jobs who were storing food and guns and it was like that in the beginning but that wasn’t the case. while I am watching the show I have seen people seeing and applying Ideas of self- sufficient architecture , a senesce community living and  sustainability in very deferent way than the elegant hipster way we always present it. they saw it as shelter as matter of a secure way of life and that’s why they ran after it without someone advertise it or trying to shove it up there throats. green architecture for them and maybe others become a security product a shelter from a word short on energy, food and even financial problems . why not, imagine with me if you were producing more energy than you consume that’s an income. imagine if you have in your apartment building a shared room equipped with 3d printers that you can create , print and sell !  imagine if we can break down our cities from one big cell that all neutrons and electrons depends on it to survive , to every building become a cell working and collaborating with other cells yet can survive by its own ….. just imagine if we can sell a sustainable way of living as a matter of security. 

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