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    Hire me ... its the end of the world anyway :)

    By Cairo2seattle
    Mar 12, '12 3:58 AM EST


    in the past 30 days  I have seen  a big conflict in the Architecture community between who think that we are all doomed architecture career is finished and others who think that architecture career is one of the best now. as an unemployed person I tend to support the pessimistic team more, We among the heights unemployed career which some says it exceeded 14  percent. an enough number to make me and others thinks that it’s the end of the Architecture career like Scott timberg

    other says that its about to get worse as the booming markets like china is going down too.

    good now we are doomed right ? wrong. on February 27  US NEWS published an article about the best jobs in 2012 and on the top of that list was …... architects!!  the article stormed in all the architecture related websites to architects and designers time line on Facebook and twitter.

    some conceded it a paid propaganda for architecture schools others said it’s the truth for me both were right and wrong and  to tell you the truth I didn’t care much about it. mean while everyone was argues I noticed something, a job ads were on the rise every where. yes they are not enough for all of us but they are growing as lots of big Architecture firms including my two favorite star Architects OMA and BIG in the past 20 days were hiring everywhere. which made me think , is architecture career is number 1 in 2012 as US news said ? or is 2012 actually the end of the world as bunch of people said before, so all this famous architects want to make as much architects happy before we all die !! if so please hire me Mr. Ingels I bought your book     <3




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Hi, I am Mohammed an Egyptian .... well [Architect] in Egypt or maybe they call it engineer ? anyway i am not that now. why ? because i crossed the border, i am now in Seattle,WA USA and according to AIA i am .... nothing ! so in this blog i will put my experience of crossing borders in post 2008 as an architect from Egypt trying to make it in the west while everyone else is abandoning ship to the east (CHINA) or at least that what i think lol

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