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    Hello Archinect good bye angry mob

    By Cairo2seattle
    Feb 23, '12 7:03 PM EST

    Hello no no Hi Archinect, whats up ? I would like thank you for approving my my blog and when its time for you to regret it, i hope you would remember that my intentions were good.

    Before you mysterious guys/girls out there who for reasons i unknown going to reading my blog. i would like to clarify a few things. This blog is about my [personal] experience with architecture career from Egypt to USA. so its going to be you know .......  personal !! and it will be confusing as me and maybe even unprofessional .  also for Grammar nazi`s keep out  my English skills sucks. i know i know i live in america i should learn proper English how i will expect to get a job like that  go back to where you came from bla bla bla i get it all. so safe yourself some times and chill, take a walk, meditate you know life is short. finally i tend to like nagging alot so the last thing i need is to come to my face and says ITS YOUR FAULT i get it but its hard times and with 14 % unemployment i have the right to nag. so angry mob out or else O_o

    other than that enjoy my blog :) 


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    • Archinect

      Welcome! So far no regrets.

      Feb 23, 12 7:52 pm  · 

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Hi, I am Mohammed an Egyptian .... well [Architect] in Egypt or maybe they call it engineer ? anyway i am not that now. why ? because i crossed the border, i am now in Seattle,WA USA and according to AIA i am .... nothing ! so in this blog i will put my experience of crossing borders in post 2008 as an architect from Egypt trying to make it in the west while everyone else is abandoning ship to the east (CHINA) or at least that what i think lol

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