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    Just climbing the shard, whatever...

    Javier Arbona-Homar
    Apr 7, '12 8:03 PM EST

    "What did you do last night?" 

    "Just, you know, CLIMB THE SHARD...Only the tallest building in the EU, under construction—without a permit!"

    - PLACE HACKING (photos & more story...) Via @Goblinmerchant




    (this rendering via


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      You just put a dozen of people out of a job for posting this. Dick

      Apr 8, 12 6:55 pm  · 

      which dozen? the guards?

      Apr 8, 12 8:16 pm  · 

      Guards...Yes. HSE, Site Management.


      Apr 10, 12 7:54 am  · 

      They obviously weren't doing their job properly.

      Apr 11, 12 12:38 am  · 

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