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    Neil Brenner, mapping, and the Harvard GSD

    Javier Arbona-Homar
    Nov 10, '11 12:36 AM EST

    Mohsen Mostafavi and the Harvard GSD accomplished quite a coup by hiring Neil Brenner. Brenner has been a very prominent scholar in the fields of urbanism, planning, and geography to name a few. He was formerly at the sociology department of NYU. His work on Henri Lefebvre (see this book) has attained wide currency in various disciplines, as well as writings with several collaborators on neoliberal urbanization. 

    The program at Harvard gained a challenging thinker, and someone who surely will question rather than merely lubricate the work of the school. So with that celebratory intro, check out his lecture, "The Urbanization Question, or, the Field Formerly Known as Urban Studies"

    Brenner offers eight theses about urban studies, the first being the apparently contradictory one that urban studies has not considered its subject matter, ie the urban. Jeremy Crampton

    Also, somewhat related to the expansion of the critical urbanism tack at Harvard, a mini-conference coming soon to the GSD — Geographic Representation NOW.


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