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    presenting #whOWNSpace...

    Javier Arbona-Homar
    Oct 28, '11 4:52 PM EST

    Following up on Mapping POPOS in NYC yesterday, I woke up to find this next item in my inbox this morning, from the friends at DSGNAGNC, in collaboration with Do-Tank Brooklyn and not an alternative: #whOWNSpace...

    ...goals are:

    1- TO REVEAL conflicting rules and ownerships in the increasingly privatized and commercialized spaces that make up the contemporary neoliberal urban condition

    2- TO QUESTION those rules and the current state of our "public" space; discussing the intentions and conditions surrounding our open spaces

    3- TO ADVOCATE FOR AND PROPOSE new uses and designs that encourage more public and open spaces for neighborhood uses in accordance to the Call to Action for the Rights of Neighborhoods

    We Create Tools that Reveal Spatial Conflict
    We Question Private Space
    We Question Public Space
    We Advocate for Change
    We Conceive of Alternatives for Collective use


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