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    Food + Truck = The Temporal Delicious!

    By g2m2
    Oct 7, '11 12:21 PM EST

    Unique? YES...Urban? YES....It is the ultimate strategy for an urban context as well as a multi-cultural unique SOUP for a temporary urban situation. I am very passionate on the idea of the temporal urban. What is the best way to promote urban culture (which is now a large and unique culture in itself) and (Un)Planned architecture (which is that of the urban city)? Well you set up a temporary community of people and architecture. That is you park 30 food trucks in the Civic Center park, outside the Denver Capitol and set up tables and booths for people to eat and listen to live music and enjoy socializing with other food truck advocates. Yes the Ultimate temporary situation involves gourmet and not so gourmet food trucks. Everything from kabob trucks to brick oven pizza trucks as well as trucks like the infamous "Coolhaus' truck in LA (gourmet ice cream truck)...yes delicious. As I grew up working with the food truck movement since my grandfather's restaurant "Sonora Inn" originally started a Mexican taco truck outside of the late night clubs about 20 years ago, the new gourmet trucks have come together for an interesting urban idea. Well can this idea eventually evolve into strategic Architectural neighborhoods? Yes there is the old trailer park enclaves and mobile home communities, but we can very quickly dismiss these situations as they are not so much architecturally urban and mostly created as smaller temporary rural communities during the highway movement back around World War one. (We will discuss more of this (failed/successful) temporary trailer/mobile home park idea in another post to come). Ok well back to our question, How can we develop a new temporary multi-cultural community within the urban context? Is there an efficient and exciting urban scenario we as Architects can develop from in the city for a multicultural temporary architectural design? The food trucks, I believe, is a delicious start.

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This bLOG talks about Urban (and possibly suburban) Architectural situations and conditions which are unique to the context they are associated. Using this bLOG to find unique and interesting Urban neighborhoods which have been exposed to re-getrification and re-developing of the individual community enclaves and the effect it has on the community and architecture/design either for the good or bad. bLOG consists of posts on the Urban context and the unique-ness of those neighborhoods.

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