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    (RE)Alignment of WHO?`

    By g2m2
    Sep 28, '11 2:14 PM EST

    Concerning unique neighborhoods...What came into mind is from my home town of Denver. Many things are developing and on the board for advancement and growth within the city. One of the projects proposed lately is the Interstate-70 realignment project. Starting as of 8 years or so ago, the City of Denver and CDOT proposed to clean and expand the main East-West Corridor along Denver. Causing a stir among the unique neighboring neighborhoods, the people have voted against the re-alignment to shift the freeway North from where it is now and cutting through 177 units and that is only the start of a proposed I-70 project. Now with the new Mayor on board, what effect is this project going to have and why is this such a problem from what it is now? Is there and can there be a better solution for the neighbors of Elyria/Swansea/Globeville? If this freeway is to remain where it is as a main artery through the city, why can it not become developed into a better future of design, infrastructure, community, unique urban situation? Is it just more stirring of the human soup when large infrastructure bullies the people of the community?



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This bLOG talks about Urban (and possibly suburban) Architectural situations and conditions which are unique to the context they are associated. Using this bLOG to find unique and interesting Urban neighborhoods which have been exposed to re-getrification and re-developing of the individual community enclaves and the effect it has on the community and architecture/design either for the good or bad. bLOG consists of posts on the Urban context and the unique-ness of those neighborhoods.

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