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    I love Kimchi! - KoreaTown Los Angeles

    By g2m2
    Oct 4, '11 11:56 AM EST

    Located in the ever populated and dense Mid-Wilshire District in Los Angeles, KoreaTown is definitely one of my favorite urban conditions to bLOG about....What the hell is going on in this rich multi-cultural niche in the heart of LA....I interviewed a small convenience store owner "Mr. Soo" and we talked about who is the main clientele at his ever convenient convenience store. "Latin!" is what he said! very well...usually people mix up Latin Americans and Mexican Americans...but either way...he was generally referring to both! A large conglomerate of the population in Los Angeles is of Asian culture...but an equally and even more populous people is the Latin and Mexican American culture. Mainly talking about the Mexican American culture, it is a very large culture within the city and very common to find KoreaTown as home to many. The UnPlanned Urban has come to fruition within this enclave in the heart of LA and is still mixing. HumanSOUP at its best! There is a vast multi-cultural population seen here in the city and on a more related topic, the architecture! What happens at the level of addressing multi-cultural neighborhoods "generally called the city center" where everyone comes together in a soup of culture and LIVES in the same context!? Do we design convenient stores like Mr. Soo and aim at one particular audience...or should we serve a side of Kimchi with my carne asada tacos!? which, by the way, would be my favorite dish in the world!...I think we have used the building type category of Mixed-Use in the wrong definition...A Mixed-Use building might be business/residential but may also be Ethnicity A/Ethnicity B/ Ethnicity C  etc.... What is the ideal multi-cultural architecture for a unique neighborhood as KoreaTown Los Angeles?


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This bLOG talks about Urban (and possibly suburban) Architectural situations and conditions which are unique to the context they are associated. Using this bLOG to find unique and interesting Urban neighborhoods which have been exposed to re-getrification and re-developing of the individual community enclaves and the effect it has on the community and architecture/design either for the good or bad. bLOG consists of posts on the Urban context and the unique-ness of those neighborhoods.

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